Band Profiles
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Ken was born and raised in Manchester and became interested in music from an early age. With typical ingenuity he built his first guitar and taught himself to play.

His emergence into the music world began with the strong influences in the popular music culture of the time. Artists like Bert Jansch, Joni Mitchell and others stimulated his desire to explore further. It wasn't long before he was a well known face in the clubs, sometimes accompanying other artists, at the same time creating a solid musical background for himself.

Many people have admired Ken's musical talent and abilities which add a solid backbone to performances and artists alike. This, together with a quiet and dedicated approach to his music has won him acclaim from a number of other notable artists.

With Risky Business his artistic qualities are superbly realised and his skilful contribution to the group continues to excite audiences on the Folk roots scene.

Ruth is by far one of the most exciting female artists to come from the North West of England for a long time.

Born in the rolling hills of Derbyshire she wasted no time in establishing herself on the local scene as an exceptional vocalist.

Through the years she has matured into unquestionably one of the most masterful female vocalists to emerge in the nineties from the UK Her mastery and interpretation of the material that she chooses leaves one in no doubt of her exceptional abilities as a singer.

On stage she creates a self-assured and charismatic atmosphere that leaves audiences captivated and delighted, together with an endearingly zany sense of humour that belies a 'no nonsense' approach to her craft.

This lady means business, as her Corsican ancestry will sometimes display. But a finer artist one would be hard pushed to find.

Dave is Zimbabwean by birth and spent his youth on his parents tobacco farm living the sort of idyllic tropical life that one only reads about in books.

He claims that it was his desire to be a part of British popular music that made him cut his ties with home and eventually settle in Manchester where before long he became part of the local folk scene.

Dave is a powerful songwriter with very strong roots still based in Africa and some of his music still reflects this culture. His remarkable talent as a singer songwriter has made him an ideal addition to the partnership with Ken and Ruth as it provides much of the material the three play. The poignancy and beauty of the imagery in some of his songs have captured the hearts of many. To such an extent that other musicians have played and also recorded some of his work.

He reckons that Risky Business are the ideal platform and mix for his music and this has been borne out more than once by countless enthusiasts of the trio.